TENDZONE Australia

TENDZONE digital network audio visual products for the AV Industry

Thru innovation we provide the digital audio visual products you need 

TENDZONE Dante network audio 

SOLON Dante Processors




EAGLES 4 analogue Channels of Dante I/O

NEREUS Classroom Digital Audio Processor

Adaptive ambient noise suppression, adaptive feedback cancellation processor

Fixed Architecture DSP signal processing and routing

TENDZONE digital network audio products change the way you think about digital audio products. Making design and implementation simpler and much more cost effective.  From a single room to a Stadium, Tendzone offers the widest range of solutions.

(DSP= Digital Signal Processing)

Media and Room Control

E Media is a complete media display and control solution anywhere audio visual is required

Class D Compact Amplifiers

Compact high performance amplifiers

DA multi-channel digital amplifier