Introduction to E-Media

EMedia Crop

E-Media is a complete and integrated solution for Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Council Chambers but the possibilities are not limited just ask and we should be able to provide a solution
Watch E-Media Introduction Video

Below are control screens from the iPad show what is possible

Each installation is different and control screens are customised to suit

  1. Inputs are previewed ( Up to 50 sources)
  2. Multiple display monitors, LCD, Projector, Video Wall ect
  3. Audio, Lights, Room, Devices can be controlled
  4. Video Conferencing capability is incorporated
  1. Automatic Microphone Mixing
  2. Feedback Control
  3. Auto Camera Tracking and Control

Sound Control Mixer
Audio Crop

Video Conference and Camera
DVD Crop

Sound Control Audio Control

CD Player Control
DVD Control

Master Control
eMedia Crop