Classroom Digital Audio Processor

Adaptive ambient noise suppression, adaptive feedback cancellation RRP $495.00


  1. 2 x Microphone Inputs ( 1 with Ptm Power)
  2. 1 x Stereo Line Input
  3. 3 levels ambient noise suppression
  4. Active dynamic feedback cancellation>

NEREUS 0402E is a digital audio processor from Tendzone and has been developed with the aim to solving class room sound reinforcement applications. Tendzone has developed a distinctive audio algorithm using their experience in audio DSP to include adaptive ambient noise suppression and adaptive feedback cancellation.

The adaptive algorithm simplifies operation to a plug & play solution that gets rid of the complicated setup and room equalization procedures. Two buttons are all that is required to set up the unit.

The solution is to use a ceiling microphone above the teacher to pick up what is being said but the microphone will also pick up any background noise, so this is eliminated with the use of 1 of the 3 levels of noise suppression up to -30dB. To further improve gain before feedback from the microphone the feedback cancellation can be used to increase gain by 8 - 12 dB<